Allocation Details

50.00% (2,000,000,000 TCOOO) to users as Trading Rewards and Liquidity Provider Rewards for 10 years

26.20% (1,100,000,000 TCOOO) to Community Treasury:

Community Treasury will be locked and will not be released to the market at the beginning. It will be used for the launch of new products (such as Gamefi, Socialfi, DAO voting and etc.) in the future.

9.50% (400,000,000 TCOOO) to Marketing & Partnerships:

Linear vesting for 5 years.

8.30% (350,000,000 TCOOO) further development of Ecosystem.

Refer Road Map For In Detail Information

6.00% (250,000,000 TCOOO) to list on Pancake Swap.

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